CSP Developer Field Guide

Foundeo Inc.

Have you been tasked with adding, updating or fixing a Content-Security-Policy? This book will give you a strong foundational understanding of the topic in a small amount of time. Covering all the way through CSP Level 3, this book will help you understand and master CSP directives like default-src, script-src, style-src, all the way through strict-dynamic.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to CSP
2. Understanding HTTP Headers
3. Getting Started with CSP
4. Source Lists
5. Controlling JavaScript with script-src
6. Controlling CSS with style-src
7. Loading images with img-src
8. Restricting script initiated HTTP requests with connect-src
9. Fetch Directives and the default-src
10. Navigation Directives
11. Strict CSP using strict-dynamic
12. Document Directives
13. Reporting
14. Appendix (Browser Support Reference)

If you are a web developer that needs to get up to speed on CSP, or Content-Security-Policy quickly this concise, and to the point book is for you. 

Includes a 40 page PDF and ePUB file.

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Covers CSP Level 3

Aug 2020
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